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Zanaib Mian​
Author & Publisher

As a busy mother of two children and embarking on a start-up business, I was desperately short of time. The Arabica syllabus promised to take me from knowing not even a word of Arabic, to stringing together complex sentences in just a few lessons!

To be honest, I didn’t expect my progress to be so great. But five lessons in I had learned so much in such little time, that I was completely bowled over. Of course, it helped to have an amazing teacher. Arabica not only taught me Arabic, but made me fall in love with it!​

Arabica Institute Student
Ian Donnachie
English Teacher

Having studied some Arabic abroad, I specifically chose Arabica as I found that its teaching methodology and course structure made my journey much simpler through its dynamic teaching methods and the excellent support structure.

Almost thirty years ago I first laid eyes upon the Quran. I felt a little short changed by only having access to the English interpretation. I realised that I must learn the Arabic language to fully appreciate the depth of this amazing book.

Arabica Institute Student
Khadija Sesay
Junior Doctor
I fell in love with the Arabica learning method when we were given the tools to create words on our own using root letters. This was an invaluable skill which gave me a lot of confidence and was quite empowering. I felt that I progressed much faster than I had expected.

It sounds very cliché, but I wanted to learn Arabic in order to understand the beauty of the Quran and be able to reflect deeply on its meaning. Also, during my stay in Mauritania, I engaged with Arabic speakers and was frustrated that I couldn’t understand them or communicate with them coherently. Arabica has really helped me on that journey.
Arabica Institute Student
Aljosa Popovic
Student, SOAS

I had the option of learning Arabic with SOAS but after taking a free Arabica lesson, I was simply hooked! My goal was to be able to speak and read in Arabic. I eventually want to work in research and policy, and learning Arabic will allow me to get ahead in my career.

The Arabica course exceeded my expectations! I was impressed by how Arabica managed to simplify complex elements of the language using useful tips and tricks. The best moment was when I realised half way through the course that I had already gained more knowledge of Arabic in a much shorter time than I believed possible for myself!

Arabica Institute Student
Shakil Khan
A-Level Student
I wanted to challenge myself and gain a new skill to boost my CV and job prospects. I thought learning Arabic would be a good plan. I had a lot of free time during the summer so someone recommended that I do the Arabica Summer Intensive. After my first lesson I was completely taken aback!

I enjoyed learning Arabic so much that I stopped playing video games and instead spent my spare time at home studying Arabic. Before I knew it, I had become the top student in my class. And although I was the youngest, I was never made to feel less valued.
Arabica Institute Student
Joynab Sultan
Senior Teacher
I wanted to learn a lot of Arabic quickly and intensively to avoid losing focus. Having had previous experience in studying Arabic, I knew that it requires focused commitment. Seeing what you could achieve studying via the Arabica curriculum in such a short space of time, I knew this was for me.

The best part of my journey with Arabica was finding that by the end of level One I was able to understand parts of the Quran. And if I sat down with a dictionary, I could translate the Quran at a basic level quite confidently!

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