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We teach Arabic to help you understand Qur’an and speak Arabic for business, social and travel purposes.

What makes us different and so effective is our workshop method, which combines Arabic grammar with conversation in a fun and engaging way.

Our varied pathways appeal to a wide audience from the absolute beginner, on their first step to learning Arabic, to those looking to dig deep into the Qur’anic and Islamic sciences.

We're different

How you benefit

What makes the difference between a merely good Arabic course and an excellent Arabic course? We believe two things stand out:

Content and materials

  • We avoid standard text books. You get, instead, bespoke content designed for short courses
  • Modular, bite-sized learning
  • Student lead content, which is academically rigorous and yet easy to digest

Workshop method

We deliberately avoid the passive, lecture style format adopted by most other institutions.


Instead, we use a dynamic workshop method. This challenges all fours skill areas and combines a mix of Arabic grammar and conversation.


The workshop method introduces new learning challenges by putting you, the student, at the centre of the learning process. How? In each lesson you will be required to stand in front of your peers and “perform” what you’ve learnt.

Extra benefits

Guarantee excellent results

We know how busy you are so all of our students get free out-of-lesson video and audio tools to supplement their in-lesson learning.


We also offer you learning flexibility which means you can repeat, start and stop a course whenever you need.

Outstanding value

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30 Lessons

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“Our team are happy to learn more about your Arabic needs.

Call or email us.”

– Rupon Miah, Head of Operations

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