What we do
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What we do

At the Arabica Institute we teach Arabic for Qur’an, business and speaking. We’ve been teaching for over 15 years and are specialists in the design and delivery of short course programs for busy people and professionals.


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How we do it and how you benefit

What makes the difference between a merely good Arabic course and an excellent Arabic course? We’ve identified three factors:

Unique Method - we do things differently

Putting aside individual ability and commitment, the one thing that makes the difference between success and failure is how Arabic is taught i.e. teaching content and teaching methods.


Most other schools use a one-size-fits-all model to teach Arabic. However, this approach does not work for people who are learning Arabic while juggling the every-day demands of their busy lives. At the Arabica Institute we’ve decided to do things differently.

Extra Support - guarantee excellent results

There are potentially three obstacles to your learning:


  • Time – many of us lead busy lives
  • No shortcuts to success – some things need doing and must be done regularly e.g. learning vocabulary and doing your homework
  • It’s a lonely affair – it can get lonely doing your homework and revision on your own

Outstanding Value - quality at a price that's right

Apart from our outstanding content, quality and learning experience, we are extremely competitive on price – especially when it comes to Arabic short courses.

Standard University
Short Course
  • vs.
  • Arabica Text Book
  • Arabica Vocab Pack
  • Arabica Homework Book
  • 20hrs of classroom teaching
  • Extra support - optional at £5/session
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